Government Spending 80% open

Rio de Janeiro

What data is expected?

Records of actual (past) city government spending at a detailed transactional level. A database of contracts awarded or similar will not be considered sufficient. This data category refers to detailed ongoing data on actual expenditure.

  • Individual record of transactions
  • Government office which had the transaction
  • Date of transaction
  • Name of vendor
  • Amount of the transaction

How open is the data?

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Question Answer Comment
Available in bulk No Even though there is a full dataset available for downloading, it doesn’t contain all the information required and it is not by individual transaction. In other words, it is more aggregated than it should be. So I considered that the dataset is not downloadable at once, because to get the information required you need to navigate and then download a specific query of the dataset.
In an open format CSV, TXT, XLS, XML You can download in these formats, even though the dataset is not complete. It is also available in .RTF format.
Available free of charge Yes
Up-to-date Yes Data is updated daily and the date of the last update is very visible in the webpage.
Available free online Yes
Openly licenced Yes
findable 2 I’m very acquainted with this kind of data. And it is easy to find through google if you search for “transparency spending rio de janeiro”. You can also find it easily through the main website of the City Hall (
findable_steps I knew it before that Rio Transparente was the main platform for government spending data in the city of Rio de Janeiro, so I just had to enter the website and search for the information required.
licence_url At the webpage footer there is a mention to a Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0.
Collected by government Yes
usability 2 Some effort is required because even though the data is machine readable, the full dataset doesn’t contain all the information. Also, you have to understand the budget classification in order to correctly analyze data.
collector_name Controladoria Geral do Município do Rio de Janeiro (CGM-RJ) Data is provided through a platform called “Rio Transparente”, provided by the Municipal General Comptroller of Rio de Janeiro.
characteristics Individual record of transactions, Government office which had the transaction, Date of transaction, Name of vendor, Amount of the transaction Not all information in available when you download the .txt file through the “open data” tab. But if you navigate, for example, in “expenditures per vendor” (Despesas por favorecido), you can find all the information with many clicks. In the end, you can download a file with the extraction you generated. The last table brings information on the date of the transaction, an individual ID for the payment order, the program to which this expenditure is associated, the number of the process and the amount of the transaction. The name of the vendor and the government office which had the transaction appear not in the table, but just over it.
location - Transparency platform for government spending in Rio de Janeiro, created and maintained by the Municipal General Comptroller.

Reviewed. Everything ok

Meta data

Data location - Transparency platform for government spending in Rio de Janeiro, created and maintained by the Municipal General Comptroller.
Data licence
Data format   CSV, TXT, XLS, XML
Reviewer   Wagner Faria de Oliveira
Submitters   Wagner Faria de Oliveira
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