Procurement 60% open

Rio de Janeiro

What data is expected?

All tenders and awards of the city government aggregated by office. Monitoring tenders can help new groups to participate in tenders and increase government compliance.

  • Tenders per government office
  • Awards per government office
  • Tender name
  • Tender description
  • Tender status
  • Award title
  • Award description
  • Value of the award
  • Supplier's name

How open is the data?

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Question Answer Comment
Available in bulk No I can only get the data from each tender individually.
In an open format when there is downloadable information it’s in pdf.
Available free of charge Yes
Up-to-date Yes yes. I can get data from november 2016.
Available free online Yes
Openly licenced Yes the license to use the data isn’t clear but it’s public domain information because of brazilian law
findable 4 the transparency web page is easy to find, and is well organized.
findable_steps I knew that information was in Rio’s city transparency website so I accessed it.
Collected by government Yes
usability 1 i can’t download the information, plus, to get to 2016 i have to select the last page. Because when i search, the first results are the oldest ones.
collector_name The City Hall - Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro The city hall transparency webpage makes it available budget info on Rio’s city government budget
characteristics Tenders per government office, Awards per government office, Tender name, Tender description, Tender status, Award title, Award description, Value of the award, Supplier's name I can access all the information on e-compras but i can only download the information individually, one company at a time.
location - there is a goverment expending session., - exclusive procurement website. the first link directed me to the second link, where i got all the information i needed it.

Meta data

Data location - there is a goverment expending session. - exclusive procurement website.
Data licence
Data format   Unknown
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